January, 2015, and Beyond: 5 Writing Challenges to Get In Gear for the Rest of the Year!



By Royal Proclamation of His Royal Highness King Steve, HEAR YE! Steve The WriMo Forum‘s big 2015 reboot is here!

Are you looking for a friendly, fun place to chat (and write) with fellow writers in 2015? Haven’t thought that far ahead? Well, how about a friendly place with lots of fun challenges just for January? Steve the WriMo Forum is that place! Check out our list of challenges for January and the rest of 2015:

JWJ – Just Write January:
Time to get in gear for the rest of the year! Pick a goal (word count, consistency, time), and just write! WIPs allowed. You can also use anything you do for other challenges (here on Steve or external) for this. Non word count goals allowed.

SSSS – Silly Stevian Story Share:
Take your characters on a mad world-hopping adventure! You may use any story idea you like, but the catch is that for each episode, the setting changes, thus changing your characters accordingly. Madness results! Share each episode with fellow Stevians, read along with others’ adventures, and give/receive kind words and encourage along the way. Above all, it’s low on pressure, but high in fun! The challenge goes from January 1st – March 31st, but participants may choose a shorter time frame if so desired.

10kh – 10,000 Hours Challenge:
So apparently it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to become really good at it. This is a catch-all bucket challenge with no time limit, where no matter how much or how little time you spend on doing something, you can’t truly lose. The idea is simple. Keep writing, and watch your numbers go up! Even your most fantastic flailing fish-flop failures pave the pathway to eventual success!

Non Word Count Goals:
Rebels? – I don’t see any rebels here. Know why? Because there aren’t any! Most Steve challenges allow non-writing based goals by default. Need to revise your draft? Need to create an outline or synopsis? There is no separate sign up for this one. Whatever your To Do list is, drop it in your PPT or add a shortened version to JWJ (or other monthly challenge), tick off the list as they get done, and watch your % complete rise.

Stevetallica – Win ‘Em All:
The idea is meta-simple. Win at least one challenege a month, and be crowned a Mighty Master of All by the great King Steve himself. Any challenge of any length counts, external like NaNo/Camp or special Steve ones, month-long or shorter, or even self-imposed goals for the month.


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